Smart lunch box will warm food with steam (2 photos + video)

The high speeds of modern life are not alwaysallow you to enjoy delicious and warmed homemade food. Steasy came to the aid of office workers, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. It introduced a compact novelty that allows you to quickly, autonomously and efficiently warm up a small lunch.

The size of smart lunch box does not exceedtraditional food containers. However, the presence of a heater and the ability to control heating using a smartphone makes the Steasy device a useful and pleasant gadget that provides proper nutrition.

The device consists of three parts: a sealed lid, a water storage tank with a heating element, and a smaller food storage tank. The last tank is placed inside the tank filled with water and closed with a lid. Steasy then heats the water to a state of steam, which in turn heats the container with food.

The heating element works from the built-ina battery that supports fast charging technology. A special application through which the user controls the gadget allows you to set a delayed warm-up 15 minutes before the lunch break.