Smart lock magnet cracked in 30 seconds (video)

High-tech devices being introduced noweverywhere, they do not always fulfill the functions assigned to them. In some cases, the technical parameters are far from those declared by the developers. Weak protection from intruders can provide a smart lock with a fingerprint scanner One Plus from Tapplock, easily opened by enthusiasts.

One Plus Tapplock Lock Protection Insecurity Wasproved by youtuber from LockPickingLawyer channel. To open the lock, equipped with a fingerprint scanner, an ordinary magnet was required. Holding a quick movement of his hand with a magnet near the castle, the blogger was able to get the lock opening system to work. It took about 10-15 fast movements.

Thus, a complex technique in which is builtfingerprint scanner, Bluetooth module that allows you to control the lock using a smartphone was powerless in front of a simple penny magnet. At the same time, the lock is priced at $ 99, but as it turned out, it creates a false sense of security among users.