Smart houseboat inspired by the ideas of James Bond (4 photos)

Modern technology has allowed architects andengineers to realize the most original ideas offered by cinema and fiction. The idea of ​​a new houseboat called Anthénea (a kind of starfish) was borrowed by modern experts from the movie "The Spy Who Loved Me", which tells about the adventures of James Bond.

When developing the Anthénea project, the main thingthe purpose of the houseboat was to use it as a hotel. However, if desired, the boat can be adapted as an individual housing.

Suite Area in Floating House Consistingof three levels, about 50 square meters. On the first, main floor there is a living room in which there is a comfortable sofa, a minibar and a panoramic window for an overview of sea landscapes. For the owners, a separate bedroom with a comfortable round bed and a round bath is designed.

On the second floor there is a recreation area with a rounda sofa for 10-12 people. At the bottom of the ship-house there is an underwater observatory with a circular view. Technical data on heat and sound insulation are not reported, however, according to the assurances of the French company that created Anthénea, panoramic glazing is designed to work in the range from - 30 to + 40 degrees Celsius.

Energy for the life of visitors to Anthéneaproduced by five solar panels. The house-ship can be moved with the help of electric motors at a speed of up to 10 km / h. On board there is a wood stove and a spare generator. Anthénea costs $ 535, and the first copy of the house from the 007 movie is located off the coast of French Brittany.

Source: anthenea