Smart headset will allow dumb people to voice their thoughts

According to statistics, the number of people deprivedspeechless for various reasons, has long exceeded the mark of several tens of millions of people. And this is without taking into account the hearing impaired people who are also very difficult to express their thoughts out loud. As of 2013, there were 32 million in the world of hearing impaired and deaf-and-dumb children alone (World Health Organization statistics). What would happen if they all regained the opportunity to share their thoughts with others? Smartstones is working to create software that can make this dream a reality.

The project was based on the headsetproduced by Emotiv. It reads the human brain waves, and then transmits them to a smartphone, which, in turn, turns them into words. The easiest thing in the human brain to track his intentions to make a particular movement. For example, lift your leg or nod your head. The headset remembers certain patterns and associates them with specific words. Of course, it will be quite difficult to speak in whole sentences using this gadget, but a person will be able to pronounce some of the most important phrases almost immediately. Suffice it to recall a combination of thoughts tied to one or another word.

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Currently, the headset is being actively tested ondumb people, including those who are completely paralyzed. The first results were already very impressed by the group of researchers, since one of the participants in the tests almost immediately managed to express their thoughts using the headset. Considering that a person could take months or even years to learn how to use other similar technologies, for developers from Smartstones this is truly a huge success. True, they are not in a hurry to share with us the cost of the gadget and the date of its on sale.