Smart glasses will adjust the focus for the eyes (3 photos)

With age in the human body beginshow signs of aging. Falling of visual acuity becomes especially sensitive. One of the signs of the so-called "senile vision" or presbyopia is the problem of focusing on objects. This happens due to the loss of the former human eye elastic lens.

Eliminating such a visual defect usually helpseither reading glasses or bifocal lenses. However, glasses cause a number of difficulties, in particular difficulties with peripheral vision, which is especially important when driving. Experts from Stanford University have proposed a new original solution to the problem of presbyopia with the help of autofocal glasses, which is a system for automatic focusing of the eye.

The principle of the autofocal glasses is enoughis simple. Fluid is poured into the hollow lens with a variable thickness depending on the user's needs. Special sensors track the direction of gaze, and the wide-angle camera calculates the distance to the object that the person is looking at. Then the system adjusts the thickness of the lens, that is, automatically adjusts the focus on the object.

In testing the prototype took part 56a person suffering from presbyopia. Subjects recognized that the quality of work using autofocus is much higher than with traditional multifocal glasses.

Currently, the main problem forDevelopers is a bulky system for autofocusing that creates inconvenience in use. Now we are searching for a decent design using ultra-light materials and modern miniature sensors. Before the device goes into mass production, there are only a few years left.