Smart glasses of a young inventor from the USA are similar to those of Iron Man (video)

The Google Smart Glasses Corporationunexpectedly got a competitor in the person of a 16-year-old teenager Mars Kapadia from the American city of Gilbert located in Arizona. The young inventor spent a year and a half on creating his own version with a smart glasses. The idea of ​​the intellectual system E.D.I.T.H. prompted the young man to work on his own smart glasses. featured in the Tony Stark Iron Man films. Existing smart glasses, according to Kapadia, do not meet modern requirements and are too expensive.

The design of Mars Kapadia's glasses is quite simple. A screen, a battery, a Bluetooth module for communicating with a smartphone and an Arduino Nano Every mini-computer are attached to the sturdy bow of the glasses. All component modules cost the inventor only $ 200. The Arduino board powers the peripheral interface and creates an image for display.

Mars Kapadia smart glasses control implementedthrough redesigned open source applications installed on the smartphone. The glasses use a transparent TOLED display. To increase the contrast of the image, the inventor has installed a dark solar glass, which is the background for the display and is mounted on hinges.

In the present version, the glasses did not receive the camera andsensors and solve the problems of a standard information system. The young man tested the device for a long time in various modes of operation: running and walking. According to Kapadia, glasses have practically replaced his smartphone.

The next stage of the inventor's activityis the registration of a patent for the device and the continuation of software development. In particular, Kapadia plans to create an application for builders that allows them to familiarize themselves with drawings without interrupting construction work.