Smart glasses HiiDii Glasses will be able to replace a computer mouse (3 photos + video)

Computer Accessories Developersstrive to simplify the work of users, to make it as convenient as possible. Periodically, I work at a computer, the user’s hands are busy, and controlling the cursor with the mouse becomes problematic. In this case, “smart” glasses from the GWD Bio Intelligence company come to the rescue, allowing you to “control” the cursor in a non-contact way by means of head movements and blinking eyes.

HiiDii Glasses glasses can be installedordinary optical lenses or a special protective glass for working at a computer. The main “smart” filling is in the temples of glasses. The accelerometer is hidden here, which from the right arm tracks the movement of the head and synchronizes it with the movement of the cursor. Meanwhile, blinking eyes are monitored by special sensors in the nose, which respond to the movement of the human skin, accompanying blinking. These sensors are responsible for clicking the mouse buttons.

According to the developer, fast naturalblinks are not monitored by sensors, in order to click the mouse, the user must blink slowly. Communication between smart glasses and a computer is via Bluetooth.

Double-click to double-click.blinking in one second. A faster wink includes the Hold function, which is necessary to select an object and drag it around the screen (using the simultaneous movement of the head), and will also enable recording a voice message in the messenger.

To work with the right mouse button, you should blinkand do nothing for 2 seconds. Then the letter “R” will appear near the cursor, then you should blink again. The range of the glasses from the computer, according to the developers, is 10 meters.

HiiDii Glasses glasses work like computersrunning Windows and Mac, as well as tablets and smartphones running Android. Autonomy of work is provided by the rechargeable battery through USB. One hour of charging is enough for battery life for 8 hours. You can disable HiiDii Glasses using the button located in the right arm.

HiiDii Glasses will go on sale in March 2020. When ordering through the Kickstarter platform, they can be purchased for $ 69. In retail, the price of points will reach $ 189.