Smart glass will replace sensors for face identification (3 photos)

Modern technology providingFace recognition in many models of smartphones, may in the near future to get a high-tech replacement. At the same time, an innovative identification method does not require energy consumption, additional equipment, or even an internet connection.

Novelty is an ordinary fragmenthigh tech glass. Engineers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a method to create pieces of "smart" glass that can recognize images without any sensors, networks or power sources.

The invention is a piece of glass,that look like translucent squares. Tiny, specifically arranged bubbles and impurities embedded in glass will refract light in a special way to recognize different images. It is an artificial intelligence embedded in inert objects.

To confirm the performance of "smartglass "developers have experienced the ability to recognize ordinary numbers. The light reflected from the written number falls on one edge of the glass and is focused in a specific segment of the corresponding specific figure on the other side. At the same time recognition goes in real time. The inventors were able to track the handwritten change of the number 3 to 8.

Now the development is on the originalstage and to identify more complex objects, such as, for example, a person’s face, will require more lengthy work. However, the very fact of creating a technology that does not require either energy consumption or additional information from external sources, and at the same time working in real time, can lead to revolutionary changes in modern technologies.