“Smart” diapers and baby tracking system - new items from Pampers (5 photos)

Pampers demonstrated the kitLumi, consisting of sensors for diapers, an improved baby monitor and a mobile application. This set will allow to monitor a child sleeping or lying in a bed.

Special sensor included in the kit is mountedright on the diaper. He watches the movements of the baby and his sleep. It also controls the strip of moisture on the diaper to determine how wet it is. In the set there is a wide-angle camera-baby monitor Logitech Circle 2 with Wi-Fi access. With it, you can see what the child is doing now, the picture is broadcast in Full HD-resolution. The manufacturer has built in the camera humidity sensor and room temperature.

All data on the activity of the baby is transmitted toinstalled on a smartphone application. As the manufacturer, any information from the sensor on the diaper and the camera goes on a special encrypted channel. Confidentiality is likely to be ensured.

The Lumi Kit consists of a camera, a sensor and 2packs of diapers. Sensors can only function on diapers manufactured by Pampers. And they are compatible only with models up to the fourth size. That is intended for children under the age of 1 year. Further, the system is absolutely useless. The set will be available next fall. The cost of it is not yet announced.