Smart contact lenses diagnose and treat diabetes

Diabetes remains one of the most dangerous andincurable diseases and is associated with the mandatory control of blood sugar and the need for regular insulin injections. A person with diabetes is forced to monitor sugar levels for life, so scientists are striving to create even more effective methods for monitoring this process to facilitate the patient’s life.

Experts from the international POSTECH groupThey suggest using the wireless technology of “smart contact lenses” to control blood glucose, which helps to detect diabetes and treat diabetic retinopathy in a timely manner by simply putting them on. Wireless-powered smart contact lenses can diagnose and treat diabetes by remotely monitoring drug delivery using electrical signals.

The technology of "smart lenses" is based onthe fact that the sugar level in tears corresponds to the level of glucose in the blood, which is taken for analysis. Scientists also said that drugs placed in the lenses could effectively treat diabetic retinopathy.

In the manufacture of "smart lenses" usedbiologically safe materials. Researchers also note great potential in using the new technology. In a similar way, using lenses, it will be possible to control and diagnose Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and depression. At the next stage of the study, the ability of “smart lenses” to control biometric indicators in real time will be studied.

Source: eurekalert