Smart cap will inhibit baldness (2 photos)

Global early baldness problem maytouch almost every person. To stop this unpleasant process, various methods and medicines are used. High technology, proposed by engineers from the American University of Wisconsin in Madison, can stop the development of baldness in the early stages.

Miniature device emits electrican impulse that stimulates and returns to life the "asleep" hair follicles. Impulse characteristics do not allow harming the human body and affect the surface layers of the skin.

The device does not need to functionpower sources, impulses are initiated from energy received during human movement. The compact size of the device itself and the lack of a massive battery allows you to sew the device into garments, such as a cap.

Testing over miceshowed that curing the early stage of baldness using electrical impulses is comparable to the effect of the most used drugs. The developers claim that the method is aimed at activating still living hair follicles and will not help with prolonged baldness. Now we are preparing for testing the device in humans.