Smart backpack from Yves Saint Laurent and Google with Google Assistant

High technology is gradually penetrating oureveryday things like jackets and scarves. Google developed a smart backpack for urban environments in partnership with renowned design agency Yves Saint Laurent.

The design of the new backpack is practical and has a strict style, made in black using high quality material.

The smart backpack platform is based on Jacquard, which synchronizes backpack control with a smartphone. The size of the electronic filling does not exceed the size of the SD card, the data is transmitted through the microUSB connector.

Jacquard platform mounted on the left shoulder strapbackpack. Using the Google Assistant and “My Day”, the owner of a smart backpack will be able to find out the weather forecast, the latest news and receive notification of planned events.

Smart backpack equipped with Jacquard canrespond to gestures. At present, he “recognizes” four movements: up-down, double-click and long press. Gesture customization is done using Project Jacquard.
The price of the new backpack is 995 dollars.

Source: androidpolice