Small drones working together to help move heavy packages (video)

Online ordering with dronesbecomes a reality and will become an everyday event in the near future. Autonomous delivery using drones is most actively promoted by Amazon.

The main problem today isthe mass of the delivered parcel, limited by safety requirements for unmanned aerial vehicles. Now, according to the Georgia Institute of Technology, this figure is less than 2.2 kg, and more and more massive packages will have to be delivered using traditional messengers-people.

However, Georgia Institute engineers have already begunto testing the idea of ​​using several small drones working together to transport heavier loads. In laboratory conditions, an algorithm is now being tested that allows four drones to lift and move a package in the form of a cube weighing up to 5.4 kg.

One of the most important advantages of delivering parcels fromthe group of drones has a low noise level, compared to that of a large drone. As a result, developers will be able to overcome the limitations of aircraft used in urban environments. At the same time, this form of delivery can also be used by the military to provide hidden replenishment of ammunition and resources for servicemen performing individual missions.

According to the developers, the command algorithmdelivery allows you to expand the number of drones and, accordingly, increase the mass of delivered goods. Experts believe that the practical implementation of the idea of ​​group flights of drone messengers will take about five years.