Small device can weaken the immunity of viruses to antibiotics

Antibiotics are considered one of the most important.scientific discoveries of the XX century, but their effectiveness is constantly decreasing. The abuse has led to the fact that bacteria quickly develop immunity, and very soon there may come a time when even simple infections will become dangerous for people. To avoid this, scientists are trying to develop new antibiotics and are looking for ways to weaken the protection of viral bacteria. Researchers at Purdue University, for example, have created a device to reduce the immunity of viruses using blue radiation.

To prove the effectiveness of your device,Researchers used it against Staphylococcus aureus. It is especially dangerous for people with weakened immunity, so hospital patients and nursing home residents are constantly at risk of becoming infected. With all this, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fight the bacteria every year - it has already developed protection against methicillin, and the list of useless antibiotics against it is constantly expanding.

Developed by the device researchersweakens the immunity of bacteria by using light therapy, namely the process of photobleaching with the help of blue light. The radiation itself does not kill bacteria - it just makes them more vulnerable to drugs. In tests on mice with wounds infected with staphylococcus, the blue radiation so weakened the protection of bacteria that even ordinary hydrogen peroxide could cope with them.

A team of scientists has already patented a device forphotobleaching. It is a small box that radiates blue light to the wounds of bacteria. In the future, the researchers intend to present a ready-to-sell version that can even be carried in your pocket.

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