Small business has doubled the use of SMS-mailings

According to MTS, in the second quarter of this year, a two-fold increase in the number of

small businesses that applied to MTS with requestsfor the organization of SMS mailings, in comparison with the first quarter of this year. It is noted that the growing interest of small businesses in such a promotional tool as SMS mailings is primarily due to the blocking of the social network Instagram in Russia, which has been banned in Russia since March of this year. The restriction of Instagram activity has led to the fact that many cute business customers left the site, but at the same time they did not switch to any other platform and became inaccessible to the most common small business promotion tools. SMS-mailings turned out to be in demand among businesses such as beauty salons, medical centers, catering enterprises and various forms of retail business. At the same time, MTS does not provide absolute indicators of the volume of SMS mailings, but, as representatives of other operators report, this trend is also confirmed by data from Tele2 and Beeline.