Skyfront drone flew 330 km in 13 hours (video)

Autonomous flight range of unmanned aerial vehiclesaircraft is one of the most important parameters for drones. California-based Skyfront has set an unofficial record for range and flight time for drone-class drones. The new model from Skyfront is hybrid and runs on electricity and gasoline.

During a test flight, the Californianthe Perimeter 8 drone was able to stay in the air for 13 hours 3 minutes and 57 seconds while flying a record distance of 330 km. During the test, no Guinness World Records officials were present, which did not allow the company to formalize the achievement as an official record, surpassing the previous record drone from the Metavista company from South Korea, flying on hydrogen fuel cells for 12 hours 7 minutes and 5 seconds.

To achieve record results, engineersSkyfront attached an additional fuel tank to the standard Perimeter 8. The use of a hybrid gasoline-electric transmission allowed at one time to increase the drone's flight range by almost 20 times, bringing it to 177 km for the Perimeter 8 serial sample. The overall dimensions of the drone are 2 by 1.9 meters.

Unlike the drones currently available inIn the form factor of aircraft, which, using the wingspan and solar panels attached to them, can hover above the Earth for several days, quadcopters have more modest indicators of autonomy, but at the same time they are much more mobile and maneuverable, which allows them to perform specific tasks.

According to a Skyfront representative, the flightThe Perimeter 8, all day long, opens up new opportunities for aviation for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for security and commercial purposes.