Skullcandy Dime: TWS headphones for snowboarders and anyone who lives brightly

At first, Skullcandy Dime seem like a joke. The price is only 1,990 rubles, a simple plastic case, a skull in the form of a logo and

acid-bright colors of the headphones themselves.The name is also strange - Dime, that is, a dime. Headphones do not inspire confidence. If it hadn't been sent for review, I wouldn't have bought it myself. However, the attitude towards Skullcandy changes immediately after listening!

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Positioning: headphones and snowboards

To understand Skullcandy, you need to know the historycompanies. And here is something interesting. Rick Alden got the idea for the headphones while he was snowboarding. It was 2003, so Rick had both his phone and music player with him at the same time. To answer the call, he had to plug his wired headphones from the player into the phone. And then he thought about how cool it would be to make good headphones that could be easily switched between devices and that would match his rhythm of life.

This, by the way, is Rick Alden from the Skullcandy official website.

Time passed, but the main idea remained the same.Skullcandy are headphones for those who live an active life but love high-quality sound. Skullcandy attract the attention of both extreme sports fans and other athletes, DJs and just fans of street culture. Today, Skullcandy has a significant range of different headphones, but they all remain in the affordable price segment, since extreme sports involve the possibility of losing or breaking equipment.

Skullcandy Dime are headphones, case sizewhich is smaller than a car key fob. They are suitable for sports, boarding or snowboarding. Skullcandy's office is located in Park City, Utah, next to the mountains, so the company's engineers themselves actively snowboard and are the first to test their creations in practice.

Why are Skullcandy Dime good?

Points main features:

  • Gorgeous sound: from bass (where in such a tiny case?) to high frequencies. It's hard to pick on.
  • Excellent passive noise isolation.
  • The micro-dimensions of both the earbuds and the charging case (there is a loop attachment on the case).
  • IPX4 protection (with emphasis on sweat protection)
  • 3.5 hours on a single charge and 2 full charges in the case.
  • Physical rubberized control button (for sports!).
  • Headphones are independent (only one can be used).
  • Wild evil colors for the case and the headphones themselves


Only after listening and reading the storycompany, I was inspired by the idea and understood why the headphones are exactly like that. But an unprepared buyer may be surprised by a charging case made of simple dense plastic and funny headphones.

The case does not even have magnetic mounts.Just regular zippers. There are holes in the top cover that fill the "legs" of the headphones. This way you can create combinations. For example, take a yellow case and blue "ears". On the back is the brand logo.

MicroUSB is used for charging.You may be indignant, but try to do it after listening. Assessing the sound, I would forgive Skullcandy Dime, even if there was a one-pin plug from Nokia in 2003. One of the ends has a loop fastener. Loop included. There are also interchangeable ear pads.


Each earbud has a Skullcandy logo. It is made of rubber, under it the control button is hidden.

Management is standard.Like all headphones, here you can switch tracks with a different number of clicks, answer calls. For example, double-clicking on the left earbud reduces the volume, triple-clicking calls up the voice assistant, a single quick press on the right earphone is the transition to the next track, the same press, but on the left earphone - the previous track. There are no revelations.

But the presence of a physical button is impressive andpleases. How many times, when playing sports, a wet hood or hat put the track on pause or rewind. According to the law of meanness, this happens at the moment when there is no longer any distraction to correct. The Skullcandy Dime has a rather tight button, so it’s better to hold the earpiece with your thumb instead of pressing it, otherwise you will just press the earpiece into your ear.

Wear comfort

Initially, it seemed to me that the headphones are large andwon't fit in your ear. But they were comfortable there. And they even held on well, not falling out when jumping rope. Due to the size, a tight fit is achieved, providing good passive noise isolation.

Headphones allow you to comfortably wear them for 1.5-2 hours, then the ear starts to get tired.

Battery life

Headphones keep the declared 3.5 hours of work from one charge. By today's standards, on the one hand, this is not much. On the other hand, it is quite a comfortable value so as not to irritate its owner.


For the sound of the headphones, you forgive all the shortcomings. It seems that all the money was spent on sound engineers, saving on the rest.

Immediately impressive presence in general (headphonescrumbs!) and working out the low frequencies. Headphones sound aggressive and motivating. In principle, you expect something similar from headphones designed for sports fans.

At the same time, the headphones are well balanced.Even in tracks dominated by bass, the headphones do not “clog” the high and mid frequencies. At the same time, even at high volume, the listener is waiting for clear, crisp vocals.

Particularly pleased with the versatility of the headphones.They reproduce both electronic and classical music equally brightly. At the same time, in the case of classical music, a good scene and high detail are especially well felt.

If you've been complaining that headphone manufacturers spend too much on design and marketing frills, then the Skullcandy Dime is for you. Here everything, apparently, up to the last 10 cents went to the sound.

Headphones can also work asheadsets. The built-in microphones are good. But there are no noise reduction algorithms here, so you need to make sure that when talking, the headphones do not rub against the hood or that the wind does not blow too much into them. Voice is loud and clear.


Skullcandy Dime is a small discovery for me.Great sound at the lowest price. Suitable for anyone who lives actively. For athletes, especially for those who practice outdoors, this is a 100% find.

Similarly, this is an idea for anyone who constantly loses their headphones: Skullcandy Dime sound like "ears" for 5-7 thousand rubles, but for this amount you can buy 3 pairs.

And, of course, they are great for the role of backup headphones that hang out in a backpack.

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