Six ways to get into space (and all expensive)

Whenever we write that Virgin Galactic andBlue Origin claim to be closer to space tourism, someone rolls his eyes. Of course, more and more people are going to space, but do you know them? It is not me and not you. For those who do not have millions in the account, but in my childhood I wanted to be astronauts (like me), the chance to get into space still seems like an impossible dream. But how small is it? Let's see how people like you and I can get into space and how long we have to wait for this.

How to get into space?

First, we need to start bringing more people into space.

Space tourism companies are known for theirnon punctuality. Virgin Galactic finally first entered space in 2018 after several years of delayed time. SpaceX abandoned the plan to deliver two people to the Moon aboard the Falcon Heavy rocket by the end of 2018 to land tourists on Starship (formerly known as BFR).

But everything goes to the fact that the stars are ready forspace tourism (pun intended). Blue Origin has already checked its rocket for tourists ten times and plans to take people into space by the end of this year. Virgin Galactic will conduct even more test flights this year and plans to launch co-founder Richard Branson into space by mid-2019 to launch commercial flights. The first solvent tourist SpaceX has been named: Japanese billionaire entrepreneur Yusaku Mazawa. In fact, it seems that individuals will soon be able to get into space - if there is money.

How much does it cost to get into space?

Tourists went to space in Russianrockets from the early 2000s, but the price for the trip ranged from 20 to 40 million dollars. Virgin Galactic flights in comparison seem almost free. The company has already made a turn of 700 people who are willing to pay 200-250 thousand dollars for a flight into space. True, we have not yet heard how much a ticket from SpaceX or Blue Origin will cost.

What should happen to these ticketsturned out to be within the limits of my wallet? Yes, all the first tourists will be rich, but air travel started from the same thing - they were risky and expensive. Do not expect costs to fall as fast as on airline flights, since the demand for space travel is not that high. Many are not at all interested in flying into space. But the downward trend has already begun.

From a financial point of view, price cuts are responsibleinterests of these space companies. “They can do two things to get money. The first is the pre-sale of tickets, ”says aeronautics and astronautics researcher Markus Gerster from MIT. “The second is to start with higher prices, say, $ 2 million, and sell to those who will be willing to pay. When everyone wants to fly, you lower prices. ” The more competitors appear on the market, the lower the prices will be.

So, here are your options to get into space as soon as possible:

Let them pay for you

Non-profit organization Space for Humanityclaims to offer free trips to space for people who normally would not have had the opportunity to go there. The organization hopes that bringing more diversity to space travel will create role models for people from all over the world and spread the hype about space among new groups. Although they do not disclose their sources of funding, the organization’s executive director, Rachel Lyons, says their immediate plans are to send six to eight people outside Earth in the next two years. And they are not shy in expressions. Lyons says Space for Humanity "intends to become the most active ticket-taker." How to get one of these slots? Apply online. Try that.

Become a famous artist

Yes, this option is quite niche, but the firstSpaceX client bought the entire ship, not just one place, and distributed it to others for free. He is looking for artists who can share his experience. If other pioneers also take along those who cannot afford a ticket, it will help to make access to space easier for everyone.

Place yourself in a space company

Before Blue Origin sends paid customers into space, it will bring its employees there, so working at the company will allow you to get a free trip.

Become a state astronaut

Why not take the traditional route? If you really love space, it is probably cheaper to get the degree needed to become a candidate for astronauts, rather than buy a ticket.


You can go to one of the well-known companies andpay more, or you can go to a little-known company and pay $ 100,000. Less expensive options, as a rule, did not pay off. XCOR, which offered the cheapest space tickets, went bankrupt, as a result of which hundreds of people lost their $ 100,000 and did not get closer to space. Some alternative providers like WorldView have postponed their tourism plans in favor of more profitable stories.

Wait for the price to fall.

Yes, this is not the best option, but - practical. If you cannot afford the flight right now, go back in five years (you may be able to save some money). According to Gerster, after the company performs about a thousand flights with at least five passengers, it will be able to cut prices by half. Despite the fact that it is still expensive, a 50 percent discount does not hurt anyone. In addition, all rich people are likely to fly once in a lifetime. New tourists will have to wait a whole generation.

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