Siri trained to crack any iPhone (video)

Samg_is_a_Ninja - alias of the resource userReddit, published an interesting movie. On it, Siri voice assistant is involved in hacking iOS and installing a hacking app store called Cydia. Curiously, Siri, without hesitation, performs any tasks, including those that harm the smartphone. At Apple, most likely, they didn’t assume that hackers would succeed in breaking into the iPhone with the help of a voice assistant created especially for him.

For hacking involved utility Unc0ver,Compatible with all iOS 12 to version 12.1.2. There are also limitations: it does not know how to force Siri to crack Apple devices based on the Bionic A12 processor. These include the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS, as well as the iPad Pro 2018. However, the number of users of versions up to iPhone 8 inclusively amounts to millions. And all of them can be hacked.

It is worth noting that this is not the first error found in the once perfectly reliable Apple technology. It remains to be expected that the sad experience will be taken into account in the 13th version of iOS.