Sikorsky and Boeing unveil Defiant-X high-speed helicopter (video)

US military plans to replacelong-range attack helicopter (FLRAA) UH-60 Black Hawk. Within the framework of this project, two helicopters compete: the V-280 Valor tiltrotor developed by Bell and the SB-1 Defiant prototype created as a result of a joint project by Sikorsky and Boeing.

As a result of the refinement and consideration of military comments after the first test flight of the SB-1 Defiant in 2019, Sikorsky and Boeing presented an improved model of the Defiant-X helicopter.

Despite the secrecy during thepresentation, the journalists were able to get an initial idea of ​​the new helicopter, designed to replace the legendary Black Hawk, flying since the Cold War.

First of all, in the Defiant-X model, constructorsprovided for the installation of a front wheel, which was not in the SB-1 Defiant. As a result, the car received greater stability and stability when landing in extreme conditions. The geometry of the hull was also changed - the protruding exhaust hole, which, according to the military, contributed to the appearance of a clear "heat trace" of the helicopter, was removed.

The aerodynamic parameters of the helicopter have also been changed,by creating a sharper nose and a pronounced ridge at the back. Meanwhile, the layout of engines and propellers in the Defiant-X remained the same as in the previous prototype SB-1 Defiant: there are two coaxial main rotor and a push rotor in the tail section. During the presentation, the developers did not indicate the speed parameters of the Defiant-X, which are one of the defining characteristics when the military determines the winner in the competition between Bell and Sikorsky's partners with Boeing.

Source: breakingdefense