Signs of the "fifth element" found in the USA

The "fifth" force unknown to science was discovered inUSA during the experiment Muon g-2 (Muon gi two) conducted in the laboratory of the town of Batavia near Chicago, Illinois. The British Science and Technology Equipment Council announced that experimental results partially confirm the existence of a hitherto unknown subatomic particle or new force.

The test was carried out at a cyclic colliderFermi National Accelerator Laboratory. During the experiment, scientists discovered that muons accelerated along the 14-meter collider ring did not behave as described by the fundamental laws of physics based on the existence of four forces in nature: electromagnetic, gravitational strong and weak nuclear interactions.

Scientists have found that muons under the influencestrong magnetic fields vibrate with a frequency exceeding the calculated frequency, taking into account the forces already known to science. One of the hypotheses of a change in the behavior of a muon was put forward a theory about the existence of some unknown fifth natural force.

In this case, the reliability of the experiment assumesan error of one chance in 40 thousand, which does not allow assigning the status of a full-fledged scientific discovery to the test (this requires a statistical error of one chance in 3.5 million).

Nevertheless, physicists believe that if an experimentwill receive confirmation, the "fifth force" can completely "turn physics upside down" and at the same time solve many mysteries of the Universe that have arisen before science in the last decade. This can explain the reason for the expansion of the Universe with acceleration, which was previously attributed to a mysterious phenomenon known as dark energy.

Source: bbc