Sign Language Translator Hand Made on 3D Printer

Robotic hand printed onThe 3D printer is very similar to the Things from the Addams Family and is connected to a computer. With the help of special software, the hand can translate plain text into sign language.

Developers from the University of Antwerp have achievedgood results - the hand copes well with the task, but the sign language uses not only hands, but also facial expressions, so engineers plan to complicate the system by adding it with a second hand and a face capable of transmitting emotions - so their device will become truly full-featured. According to the inventors, the hand can be useful for deaf and hard of hearing people and become a good substitute for a sign language interpreter.

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The hand consists of 25 parts printed on3D-printer, in addition, the design has 16 motors, 3 microcontrollers and a computer Arduino. To print all the details, the creators of the translator spent 140 hours, and another ten took them to build the device.

Reverse according to its purpose the gadget createdrecently at the University of California - there the developers made a glove that can convert deaf-and-dumb gestures into text. This will allow people who are not familiar with sign language, to understand their interlocutors with disabilities. In addition, it can be used in virtual reality. According to the inventors, they plan to refine their invention and start selling it to everyone.