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Sidewalk labs wants to build a city to test their technology

It would be great to visit the city where they are gatheredall the advanced technologies and the most daring futuristic achievements of scientists, is not it? Highly! That's just such a city has not yet been built. So far, after all, Alphabet-owned Sidewalk labs announced its intention to build a whole high-tech area in which it can test all its developments. The goal of Sidewalk Labs is simple: the company works to improve the lives of citizens, so it is very important to be able to try out your projects at a safe distance before starting to make people happy. How much can happen?

In order to verify and test everything,you must first simulate the project on a computer, make a bunch of calculations, create a layout, spend a lot of money on it, renting, for example, a special training ground ... In short, all this is very troublesome, expensive, and running around the same unmanned vehicles in hangars is quite boring - even cork not arrange. And it would be necessary! Therefore, all these free Wi-Fi points, unmanned vehicles, new types of public transport and much more are much easier to test in the conditions where they will be used.

At the moment, the company is working with hundredsexperts in this field, calculating the risks and at the same time wondering whether it makes sense to buy own land for this undertaking, or whether it will be more profitable to build in territories allocated by other cities. The team working on the project will soon be submitting it to Alphabet CEO Larry Page and, if he approves it, they plan to move from words to deed already this year, having started accepting applications from US cities or starting to search for a suitable plot of land for purchase .