Sharp has released an updated line of robo-smartphones RoboHoN (8 photos + video)

A few years ago, the Japanese company SharpPresented RoboHoN, a cute hybrid of a robot and a smartphone. The novelty has pleased users, however, the price of the device was bitten ($ 1,800), so the manufacturer decided to release the RoboHoN line, but with a more affordable price.

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The new RoboHoN was left without a built-in the head of a 1st generation smartphone smartphone. Instead, it was endowed with more advanced hardware: a Snapdragon 430 8-core chipset (instead of Snapdragon 400), 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. Probably, the company decided that this was enough. Moreover, the display diagonal is only 2.6 inches (it was 2 inches). In the forehead of the robot there is a 8 megapixel camera. The battery capacity of 1700 mAh should be enough for one day of autonomous operation. The device operates on a more modern OS Android 8.1, the first RoboHoN is based on the outdated version of Android 5.0.

Applications built into the robot allow itto program. Promised to support the management of "smart" home. Provided and the possibility of commercial application of the device. In the store, he will help customers with a choice, and at the front desk at the hotel he will advise new customers and guests, and in any of the 4 available languages: Japanese, English, Korean or Chinese.

Will sell 3 models RoboHoN. LTE-model will be available for $ 1,630, the cost of Wi-Fi-analogue slightly lower - $ 1,085. The most affordable option for $ 715, although it has moving limbs, will not be able to walk on its own, but it will be able to move the upper part of the body even in time with the music. All gadgets have the functions of a mobile device. Sales of robot smartphones start from February 27, but only in Japan.