Sharks are smarter than we think.

Usually considered the most intelligent animals in naturesuch animals to which a person shows at least some empathy. So, dolphins, primates and owls are usually mistaken for the most intelligent creatures. Sharks, however, usually do not fit into the concept of intellectuals because of their aggressiveness and the fear that a person experiences in front of them. Despite this, scientists over and over again receive more and more evidence that we clearly underestimate the intelligence of sharks.

The laws of physics for sharks

This may sound paradoxical, but according toIn recent observations, sharks are familiar with elementary physical laws. This is most clearly manifested during the main occupation of sharks - hunting. So, white sharks will not prey on a deliberately larger prey. In order to catch an animal that is larger than a shark, this fish, firstly, unites with its relatives (although it is considered a solitary predator), and secondly, already united sharks try to drag their prey as deep as possible to the bottom, so that not give her the slightest chance of survival and escape.

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The position of sharks in society

In order to correctly divide the caughtprey between the participants of the hunt, sharks came up with a whole system of social statuses. Depending on the peculiar “caste”, which is determined due to the specific movement of the fins, tail or individual as a whole, the hunters share the victim, trying not to resort to any kind of violence. Such behavior is extremely unusual for other marine predators, which once again confirms the presence of intelligence in sharks. The participants in our Telegram chat agree with this.

Shark games

A large number of underwater expeditions tostudy of the life of marine life shows that despite its very frightening appearance, sharks are not alien to the desire to have fun. Although most of these “games” can end very badly for a person, researchers have repeatedly observed that well-fed sharks for some reason occasionally throw objects and even previously killed animals into the air. Explain this behavior other than the game just is not possible.

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