Selfies from space for anyone from Airbus

Satellite images taken from orbitAirbus will become widely available to ordinary users of the Spelfie application, released as part of the project of the same name. Not everyone will be able to take pictures from space, and not at any time, for this a number of requirements should be fulfilled. In addition, the technical parameters of the optical cameras of the satellites will allow you to create a photo on which it will be possible to distinguish only the contours of the human figure, without detailing the face.

The initiators of the Spelfie project are environmentalthe “Bye Bye Plastic Bags” movement in Bali, whose goal is to free the island from a huge amount of plastic waste. Merciless exploitation of the tourist potential of the island takes place in the context of the silence of the environmental disaster looming over the resort. Adolescents led by Isabelle Wiisen who called for Save the Beautiful Bali in the Air Force’s film to protect the island from environmental pollution began to protect nature.

Schoolgirl Isabelle Wiisen with peers andmade the first space selfie of the Spelfie project, forming a giant inscription “Time to act!” on the beach. The project organizers plan, using photographs from orbit, to draw public attention to the burning events of the modern world.

Technically, a space selfie procedure requiresregister applications in the Spelfie application from partners and sponsors. After that, the time and place of the shooting will be announced. Any user will be able to join the event and receive a gift directly from their smartphone - a photo from space. The organizers of the project, however, warn about the resolution of satellite cameras, allowing you to see only the general silhouette of the participant. In addition, optical cameras will not be able to shoot in fog or cloudy conditions above the gathering place of enthusiasts.

Source: space