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Segway will present at CES 2020 hover chair S-Pod

Consumer exhibition CES 2020 starts already atnext week. Many companies pre-announce products that will be presented at this exhibition. One of these was Segway, she introduced the futuristic S-Pod chair, according to our Wired colleagues. For many, this can only mean one thing - we are one step closer to the future that films of the 2000s popularized. One of these was the WALL-E animated film, whose characters moved on special chairs and were overweight. Star Wars fans may recall the Power chair. It had no wheels, but who knows, maybe such a future is also very close.

Hover Chair Segay S-Pod

S-Pod uses technologybalancing developed by the company itself. It is she who creates the very magic of perfect balance. Given the rather large dimensions of the chair, the effect of the balance seems even stronger. How do you like the new Segaway? We suggest discussing it in Telegram.

Of the features of S-Pod, we can distinguish the possibilitycarry people weighing up to 120 kilograms. S-Pod sales should start in 2021, the company has not yet disclosed the cost of such an apparatus, but plans to use them indoors. One of the striking examples is the airport, where mobility is important and at the same time, the compactness of the vehicle for employees. It can also be used in parks, since a maximum speed of 12 kilometers allows it. But it’s also interesting that it can be increased programmatically to 40 kilometers per hour. In this case, the use of S-Pod in parks will not be possible by law. Most cities have a limit of 32 kilometers per hour.

Segway S-Pod in action

Segway is able to travel from a single chargeThe battery is 69 kilometers long, which will be enough for driving from home to work and back in most cases, so this type of transport can be a good option for replacing a car.

Not bad, because today carsused inefficiently. As a rule, in familiar cars one person moves, and places in it for four. Switching to a mode of transport similar to S-Pod will significantly reduce harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere, reduce the number of traffic jams and reduce the number of accidents due to the lower speed of this transport.

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Of course, objectively, until it can be replacedfamiliar cars, but we are moving in that direction. And even Tesla cars today do not seem to be a very good and effective option in terms of the form factor.

Another example of using Segaway canbecome small tour groups, for the movement of which today, as a rule, they use electric golf carts. Well, of course, you can replace the usual wheelchairs.

How to operate the S-Pod chair?

Wheelchair users will find the systema friend. It uses a small joystick on the right side of the case. This option, of course, is not bad and seems optimal, but the company could come up with something more original based on motion sensors, similar to Motion Sense and Project Soli.

How is such a transport controlled in Russia?

In November, the Ministry of Transport developed amendments to the SDA,according to these amendments, a new type of transport will appear in Russia - the so-called SIM (means of individual mobility). It was decided to include Segway, monowheels, skateboards, roller skates, electric scooters and gyro scooters. For this type of transport, separate traffic signs were invented. In the Ministry of Transport, SIM drivers were divided into several age categories: under 7 years old, over 7 years old, but under 14 years old and over 14 years old.

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The latter will be able to use SIMs onbicycle lanes or lanes, as well as on the carriageway of bicycle zones. But this is relevant only if the person is over 14 years old. Otherwise, the carriageway cannot be used. More details about the new rules can be found here.