Segway released the first electric bikes

Chinese company Segway-Ninebot, famousits compact means of transportation in urban areas has provided an opportunity for fans of their devices to make longer journeys in the open air. Recently, the company launched electric bikes on the market, represented by two models.

The base model of the Dirt eBike x160 isa small motorcycle with increased maneuverability. A compact bike with a power reserve of 65 km, it can reach a top speed of 50 km / h. Equipped with 17-inch wheels, the Dirt eBike x160 has a compact frame design that allows you to perform complex maneuvers over rough terrain and on winding tracks.

The top model Dirt eBike x260 receivedhigh-capacity battery, which allows to increase the travel radius up to 120 km. The motorcycle received 19-inch wheels and a more massive frame, which implies a decrease in maneuverability with increasing speed.

The start of the sale of electric bikes is scheduled for the firstquarter of 2020. The price of the base model Dirt eBike x160 will be 3 thousand dollars, and the older model will cost the buyer 4.6 thousand dollars. Starting November 25 of this year, bikes will be presented at the Indiegogo crowdfunding venue at a price lower than the estimated 500 dollars.

Source: Engadget