Segway-Ninebot Mecha Kit turns a gyroboard into a turret that shoots water balls (video)

Segway-Ninebot presented the nexta set that allows you to expand the possibilities for using standard gyroboards. In addition to the already released Gokart kit, which transforms the gyro board into a compact kart, the company is releasing the Mecha Kit, which adds a new original function of shooting "water bullets" at friends and acquaintances.

The new kit is compatible with Ninebot S and Ninebot SKids and allows the user to take the seat of the scooter pilot, turned into an original turret on wheels. The control system is based on the use of joysticks that control the firing of two pistols. The kit is equipped with RGB lighting, and the shooting is accompanied by sound effects. As "ammunition" are used the balls supplied in the kit on the basis of gel impregnated with water. The kit contains 60 thousand charges. The use of a special mobile application will also allow remote control of the "shooting".

"Shooting" with water balls is carried out inthe process of movement, when the user, without getting up, controls his actions with the help of a double joystick. The developers guarantee that the water charges are harmless to those around them and after use evaporate without leaving any residue. The new Mecha Kit has a retail price of $ 599, but the kit is currently selling for $ 499.