Segway-Ninebot introduced a new line of powerful electric scooters GT series in Russia (4 photos)

New electric scooters were presented in MoscowGT by Segway-Ninebot. Two novelties, GT1 and GT2, were created by a team of developers and engineers from the Segway Innovation Group. The innovative GT line has become one of the most anticipated among brand fans.

Presentation of new Segway-Ninebot scooterstook place in the exhibition area of ​​the Afimall shopping complex in Moscow, where guests could not only look at the devices, but also ride them. For the test, artificial straight tracks were created, as well as tracks with obstacles and complex surfaces that simulate rough terrain.

Guests of the event could testthe all-wheel drive GT2 with a transparent display and its smaller brother, the single-engine GT1 with a traditional display. Young visitors, for whom the GT series is not available due to age marking, were offered a ride on other devices, in particular GoKart cards and MechaKit game mechs.

Paths with grass and gravel were offered for testingthose who like to ride in the suburbs, and the urban jungle maze with sharp turns and speed bumps for those who emphasize urban mobility. The visitors were able to see that the GT scooters are comfortable in various road conditions.

Those wishing to experience the speed of the GT were offeredvirtual reality attraction: the driver got up on a GT2 on a special platform, after which he put on a virtual reality helmet, which allowed him to rush through the famous sights of Moscow in a simulated computer universe. This attraction gave the opportunity to ride the GT at speed and see how the transparent display would look in traffic conditions on the road.

“The GT series are powerful and innovative scooters.They are durable and comfortable; have a unique design and excellent driving performance”, - this is how Irina Ivanova, B2C marketing director of Marvel Distribution, the official distributor of Segway-Ninebot in Russia, described the GT1/GT2 series.

The GT motors are powerful enough for the scooter toovercome difficult obstacles even on rough terrain, and withstand up to 150 kg of load. At the same time, even in difficult conditions, a pleasant ride is ensured by a wide deck that allows comfortable leg placement, as well as front and rear hydraulic suspensions, adjustable depending on the weight of the rider and the degree of his riding skills. In order to evaluate the quality of these components, the guests of the presentation were invited to ride a scooter, cross a bumpy track and even jump on a deck.

GT series scooters provide the rider with morecontrol and customization options with six speeds and fifteen levels of suspension adjustment. As part of the event, the Russian Segway-Ninebot showroom staff helped guests understand these elements so that everyone could discover the appropriate driving mode and riding style. At the same time, visitors noted that they were struck not only by the functionality of the design, but also by its style. In particular, buyers were attracted by the GT dashboard and steering wheel, the controls on which were compared with a motorcycle and an F1 car (a similar rotary throttle stick and mode switching buttons on the steering wheel).

Key features of GT series scooters:the ability to move at the speed of the car and quickly accelerate; six control modes; the ability to climb hills with ease; large power reserve (up to 90 km); and excellent driving performance, which was noted by almost all participants of the event who tested the scooter.