Segway and electric scooters will be included in traffic rules

Widespread new individualelectric vehicles, such as monowheels, segway scooters, leads to numerous emergency situations on Russian roads. The solution to this problem requires an immediate change in the Rules of the Road, according to lawmakers, who have decided to amend the law accordingly.

Chairman of the Duma Labor Committee,Social Policy and Veterans Affairs Yaroslav Nilov sent a special request to the head of the traffic police. Currently, all small-sized devices that use rechargeable batteries for traveling on the roadway do not fall under any article of the rules, which often leads to incidents on the road, as a result of which owners of scooters, monowheels or segways cannot be punished for obvious traffic violations .

Legislators believe that the application of newelectric vehicles on Russian roads should be regulated in the SDA and at least equated to similar vehicles such as bicycles, mopeds and scooters.

To eliminate riots on the roads thatcan be caused by an increasing number of monowheels, electric scooters and segways; strict standards should be introduced. As one of the methods, deputies have already proposed introducing a limit on the maximum speed for such devices.