See how Russian heavy duty missiles drift

The Russian Ministry of Defense has adoptedPlatform-O family vehicles - these tractors will be used for Russian heavy strategic missile systems, including the Topol-M. The main difference between these machines is that each wheel is equipped with its own electric motor, and also rotates, which allows the rocket complex to move almost sideways.

Previously used as a platformtrucks of the Belarusian "MAZ", it was on their base that the mobile complexes Topol-M and Yars were built. In the first batch there will be five new cars, later the Russian military will receive several more platforms of the Platform-O family. Tractors can also be used to transport military vehicles and mobile command posts and dormitories.

Machines work not only on fuel - theymade on a hybrid system. Wheel electric motors are powered by an onboard diesel generator. Therefore, tractors do not have a clutch or gearbox, as well as a transfer case and differentials. But the main thing - “Platform-O” is moving almost sideways (crab mode), which makes it much more mobile.

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The first batch will include three cars with wheeledformulas 8 × 8, 12 × 12 and 16 × 16 with a carrying capacity of 25, 50 and 85 tons, respectively. The remaining two are heavy truck and ballast tractors with 8 × 8 wheel formulas. They will be able to transport vehicles weighing up to 165 tons and towing vehicles weighing up to 400 tons.

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