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Secret room found in the palace of the Roman emperor Nero

Today, mankind is mastering the cosmos with might and main, buteven on Earth there is much that is unknown. Our distant ancestors can be completely compared with aliens not yet discovered, because their culture is full of all kinds of rituals and buildings, the purpose of which is still unknown to us. For example, scientists still do not understand some aspects of the Mayan civilization, but archaeologists often find the structures they built with all kinds of artifacts and make very interesting assumptions. But other historical civilizations are full of secrets. For example, recently, a secret room was found in the huge palace of the Roman emperor Nero, inside which scientists discovered a lot of interesting things.

Emperor Nero as represented by the artist

The find was told in a scientific publicationScienceAlert. The room was discovered inside a huge palace called Domus Aurea, which was built after the so-called Great Roman Fire, which devastated Italy's largest city in just nine years. In those days, Emperor Nero ruled Rome and, on his orders, a palace was built on the hills of the Palatinate, Esquiline, Oppian and Kelian, which included at least 300 rooms.

Passage to the secret room of the palace built under Nero

Secret Room of the Roman Emperor

Restoration of the palace of Domus Aurea, also knownas the Golden House, has been going on for many years. Previously, archaeologists managed to study many rooms, but as it turned out, there is another room in the palace, which until now has gone unnoticed. It was found by chance, while working in one of the other rooms. Climbing the scaffolding, archaeologists discovered a hole, beyond which there was clearly a passage.

Frescoes on the walls of the secret room

And it turned out - expanding the entrance, archaeologistsdiscovered a completely new room for them. Unfortunately, it turned out to be full of dirt and at the moment it cannot be completely removed. The fact is that during the “cleaning”, researchers can damage the building, which is extremely undesirable, therefore, in 2020, scientists are not going to touch the dirt.

Did you know that recently archaeologists have studied the ruins of a mysterious African city?

However, archaeologists still managed to find quiteinteresting objects. We are talking about drawings that were applied with water paints to fresh plaster. In ancient paintings, you can distinguish between images of real and mythical creatures, among which there are centaurs, entities with goat horns and animals, some of which carry musical instruments. Gilding is applied to some sections of the paintings, which gives the find special value. Scientists called their find the Room of the Sphinx.

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Who lived in this room and for what purpose was builtso rich palace, scientists do not know for sure. However, they took into account the fact that Emperor Nero was unloved by the people for his cruelty. However, this was hardly embarrassing for him, because he always wanted to stand out among other rulers and lived extremely extravagantly. Based on this, historians concluded that the palace was a luxury item.