Second Chance: Google's New AR Glasses

The day before, another Google presentation took place, at which the company introduced one of its new products - augmented reality glasses.

To be fair, Google Glass has long been a well-known gadget from the company, which, in essence, failed at the first sales.

Maybe in due time the first augmented glassesthe realities from the company were simply too far ahead of their time, or maybe they just turned out to be useless. In any case, sales failed, and the new generation of glasses from the company did not appear for a very long time.

But now the company has decided to give the product a second chance. Judging by the video that was presented at the presentation, Google has finally decided what it wants from glasses: translation functions.

In the video shown, glasses worn onof the user, showed the translation directly on the glasses when they wore glasses and at the same time talked to another person. Apparently, the technology will work in the same way as the translator works in Google Chrome, only the text will be broadcast directly to the screen of the glasses, and thus the user will have the feeling that subtitles appear right next to the person.

Little is known about other functions of the gadget. The CEO of the company, Sundar Pinchai, emphasized that in our time, technology is extremely important and should serve the benefit of modern society.

However, as with previous Google glasses,There are big questions about data security. In particular, it is not yet known exactly how user data will be protected and whether it will leak without the knowledge of users into the hands of attackers.

However, according to Pichai, first of all, we need to focus on how exactly augmented reality technologies can improve our lives.

“These AR capabilities are already useful on phones, andthe magic really comes to life when you can use them in the real world as well as technology,” Pichai wrote on his blog. “This potential is what inspires us most about AR: the ability to spend time only on what is important in the real world, in our real life.”

It is not yet known if there will be any other featuresin new company glasses. But if you think sensibly, then the function of a translator is the very innovation that is needed in the real world, when many cultures collide with each other.

In addition, they will be a convenient addition to your devices. In the end, when talking, you always want to see the eyes of a person, and not the screen of a smartphone with translation.