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Scientists warn of new, unexpected dangers of cigarettes

that smoking is injurious to human health,everyone knows - they tell us about it from everywhere, there are warnings even on cigarette packs. Also, society is well informed about the dangers of passive smoking, because it has been scientifically proven that inhaling cigarette smoke while being near a smoking person also harms us. But not everyone knows about the existence of "tertiary smoking" - this term means the negative impact on a person of air or clothing that was once contaminated with tobacco smoke. There is still little talk about tertiary smoking because its harmfulness has not yet been fully proven. However, recently scientists conducted an experiment and corrected the situation. So, what can be dangerous tertiary smoking and is it possible to limit its negative effect?

It turns out that smoking can harm not only the respiratory system.

What is tertiary smoking

Usually, the term "tertiary smoking" refers tolong stay of people without bad habits in a room that has been exposed to tobacco smoke for a long time. A person can be exposed to tertiary smoking by renting accommodation from a smoker, getting into a smoker's car, and simply going into public places.

A person is exposed to tertiary smoking by sitting down in any smoky space

In one of the previous articles, we already talked aboutthat hazardous substances that are part of cigarette smoke are present even in rooms with a strict no-smoking policy. This was proven in a study in which scientists studied the air in a German cinema, in the halls of which no one smoked for at least 15 years. It turned out that after each session, the concentration of 35 harmful substances in the air sharply increases, including benzene with formaldehyde.

Sometimes tobacco smoke particles are in the most unexpected places.

Scientists came to the conclusion that all these chemicalcompounds penetrate the premises along with the clothes of visitors. Many people smoke before going to the cinema, and the tobacco smoke is absorbed into the fabric of their clothes. Indoors, they go outside and pollute the surrounding space.

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How smoking affects human skin

It is logical to assume that tertiary smoking is lessharmful to the respiratory system than passive smoking. After all, we are talking about a much smaller amount of toxic substances than when inhaling smoke directly from a person smoking nearby. However, in the course of new scientific work, scientists have identified a new, unexpected danger of tertiary smoking. According to the results of the study, tobacco smoke absorbed into clothes can cause the development of dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin diseases.

Third-party smoking can cause skin diseases

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Harm of tertiary smoking

The essence of the experiment was that the authorsasked a group of 10 healthy volunteers without bad habits to wear clothes that were pre-saturated with tobacco smoke for three hours. To mimic the activity, the participants spent 15 minutes on a treadmill, so that more substances contained in cigarette smoke could get into the skin.

After wearing tobacco smoke-soaked clothes, people have biomarkers of DNA damage

After all this activity, the volunteers were takenblood and urine samples. Biomarkers were found in them, which the participants in the experiment did not have before - they indicated oxidative damage to DNA. Also, the concentration of some proteins in the blood of volunteers increased, and these changes persisted for 22 hours. According to the authors of the scientific work, the presence of such markers in the long term can lead to skin problems. Of course, the symptoms will not appear immediately, but if the clothes of a healthy person are regularly soaked with tobacco smoke, the risk of developing skin diseases will constantly increase.

If you are buying a used car,owned by a smoker, you expose yourself to some health risks. If you go to a casino where smoking is allowed, you are also exposing your skin to tertiary smoking. The same can be said about staying in a hotel room that used to be occupied by a smoker, explained biologist Prue Talbot.

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At the moment, scientists intend to continuestudy the impact of tertiary smoking on human health. They also want to do some research into the dangers of electronics, which are still gaining popularity. However, this kind of research is often carried out, and we have already talked about the dangers of "vapes". If interested, here is one article and another.