Scientists want to re-freeze the Arctic

Recently, due to the melting of the glaciers of the Arcticthe level of the oceans rises quite strongly. But rising water levels threaten not only floods of land in coastal regions. Since thawing ice, roughly speaking, “dilutes” seawater, warm currents become colder. All this can not negatively affect the climate of our planet. However, recently a group of scientists and architects proposed to freeze the Arctic again. And in a very elegant way.

Why is it important to restore the Arctic

Beyond the threat of climate change we are already talking aboutmentioned that over the past few decades, the Arctic Ocean has lost about 30% of its ice cover. As a result, the wild inhabitants of cold regions such as seals, polar bears, wolves, penguins and other animals were endangered.

How to freeze the Arctic?

The authors of the project suggest usingspecial submarines that will dive to the depths of the ocean, collect sea water, filter out salts and freeze it. The output will be small pieces of ice in the shape of hexagons. The production of each such piece will require 2027 cubic meters of water. All hexagons can be connected to each other either by docking them on the side, or by “throwing” them under the glacier.

Our goal is to restore the polar ecosystem, which has a direct impact on the global climate, ”says Faris Rajah Kotahatuhaha, one of the authors of the project.

Why might this not work?

Everything is simple: such an approach with the formation of new glaciers treats, roughly speaking, a symptom, not a disease. The disease in this case is global warming. The authors of the work themselves acknowledge this, but their ideas can help slow down the death of the planet, until we figure out what to do with global warming.

Our project, however, will not stop global warming, but the restoration of melted glaciers will help preserve the Arctic fauna.

Also at the moment it is not clear where the underwaterboats will take energy to work. Indeed, for the operation of the whole "fleet" (and here, of course, a couple of submarines cannot be dispensed with), you just need some enormous amount of energy resources, and this can further aggravate the situation with gas emissions into the atmosphere.

This is interesting: What would Greenland look like without an ice sheet?

The only option might be to use“Clean” energy like solar panels or hydrogen fuel, but such an approach makes the project prohibitively expensive and in this case it is much more expedient to use resources to fight global warming itself, and not to “freeze” ice.

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