Scientists want to change plant genes to save the planet

Humanity can change for a long timegenetic set of the simplest microorganisms and plants. In this case, scientists in the course of this process can receive from them the necessary properties. For example, an increase in yield or reproduction of substances for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. But recently, biologists from the Salk Institute (California) went ahead and offered to change the genetic code of plants in order to save the Earth from pollution.

What contaminated our planet?

It's no secret that modernindustry in the production process releases into the atmosphere tens of tons of spent hydrocarbon fuel (mainly in the form of carbon dioxide). According to the editors of ScienceAlert, in order for all life in the next few hundred years on our planet not to die, to reduce the amount of emissions is not enough. We have long overstepped that “critical point” when it was possible to simply improve the spent fuel cleaning systems in factories.

Since the full transition to environmentally friendlyenergy is not foreseen in the near future, then you need to start clearing the Earth’s atmosphere from hydrocarbons. And precisely for this, American scientists propose to slightly “change” the plants.

How plants will clear the planet

Plants naturally capture carbon.from the environment and store it underground in their root systems. US researchers are proposing to “optimize” some plant species so that they collect more carbon compounds from the atmosphere. The fact is that in the course of their work, the experts discovered the gene EXOCYST70A3, which is responsible for the development of the root system.

This is interesting: Why do plants not get cancer?

For example, during genetic modificationordinary salad, scientists managed to ensure that the root system has increased and deepened several times. And this means that the amount of stored carbon dioxide from the atmosphere also increased by an order of magnitude.

"Reduced carbon dioxide in the atmosphereis one of the biggest problems of our time, and for me personally it is very important to work on a solution, ”said one of the authors of the project on cleaning the atmosphere Wolfgang Bush. “We are incredibly pleased with the results. This is just the first step towards using plants to clean the Earth’s atmosphere. ”

Of course, the salad is rather smallrepresentative of the earth's flora, but the experiments of scientists from the United States - only the beginning. Larger plants with an extensive root system in the future can become real “natural factories” to remove hydrocarbons from the atmosphere of our planet.

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