Scientists understand how to determine a person’s character from his smartphone

Modern smartphones collect a lot of information abouttheir owners. It has long been known that various companies receive information (as they claim, impersonal) in order to improve the algorithms of their products. However, by the way a person uses a smartphone, one can learn a lot about his character. You do not need to look at the installed applications and even unlock the smartphone. Enough only data received from the device accelerometer.

What is an accelerometer

If you do not go into technical details, thenAccelerometer is a device for measuring the acceleration of an object. As a rule, an accelerometer is a kind of sensor mounted on an elastic suspension on one side and having a device for damping vibrations (damper) on the other. Deviation of the sensor from its original position carries information about the force of acceleration. With reference to smartphones, this property of the accelerometer is used, for example, to automatically rotate the screen, determine gestures of tapping or shaking, count the number of steps, and so on. In this case, the accelerometer often works even when the smartphone is locked.

The simplest accelerometer. In your smartphone, it probably is a little more complicated, but the basic principle of the work remains the same.

How to determine the character of a person using a smartphone

Not long ago, scientists from the Melbourne RoyalUniversity of Technology said that many key parameters of the personality and character of a person can be calculated on the basis of data accelerometers smartphone. As noted by journalists of the Engadget publication, the experts took into account the fact that the accelerometer of the gadget allows you to find out what distance a person travels per day and at what speed he does it. It also investigated how often a person checks notifications and receives calls.

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The authors found that they usedindicators have a direct connection with the manifestation of the character traits of a person. But how? Everything is very simple: according to scientists, sociable people who took part in the experiment, most often have an impulsive nature of behavior and spend their free time outside the home, but often in different places. And women with increased sensitivity regularly check notifications. Surprisingly, men with the same character trait, on the contrary, do it very rarely.

Why do you need it?

Here, unfortunately, nothing new. According to scientists, the new layer of data obtained from accelerometers can be used for a better selection of recommended pairs on dating sites, for improving the algorithms of social networks and for more effective work of all so hotly "favorite" targeted advertisements. However, waiting for the emergence of new algorithms in the near future is not worth it. The new study was only preliminary and affected only 52 people. Now experts from the Royal Melbourne University of Technology intend to repeat the experience on a more extensive sample of people.

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