Scientists understand how the rejuvenation mechanism works. Eternal youth just around the corner?

Many people today to one degree or anotheruse the services of cosmetic medicine in the hope of preserving youth as long as possible. If you do not take into account plastic surgery, then even without them, thanks to the services of competent cosmetologists, you can stay young for a very long time. But external manifestations are only a “symptom” to which the mechanisms of aging of the skin and the organism as a whole lead. And recently, scientists have figured out how to influence them "from the inside."

How to open a mechanism for the extension of youth

Oddly enough, but in order to understandThe mechanism of rejuvenation, scientists from Johns Hopkins University investigated the hair follicles of mice. The fact is that some species of rodents even after deep wounds can restore their hair follicles. At the same time, the skin that forms at the wound site is very similar in appearance to the young one. We are deprived of such a "bonus" and with a severe wound after healing, we have a rough scar tissue.

"Understanding the biology underlying how cell damage can lead to this type of regeneration (prim. like in mice), can open the way to the creation of cosmetic and therapeutic agents of the new generation, ”said Luis Garza, MD, associate professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The researchers suggested that during this processcorrespond to double-stranded RNA molecules that are released from damaged cells. Next, the scientists decided to check whether human cells have such potential. But first we need to digress a little from the topic and figure out how some of the most popular methods of rejuvenation work.

How to keep youth

One of the most popular ways to extendyouth of the skin at the moment is laser therapy (wrinkle correction using a special atraumatic laser) and preparations based on retinoic acid (they are believed to restore the cell frame). So, despite the fact that these methods are widely used in cosmetology, the mechanisms of their work are not completely understood. More precisely, they were not understood until the moment when scientists from Johns Hopkins University did not begin their research.

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How does the medicine for old age

In their research, experts examined skin samples taken from 17 women who underwent laser skin rejuvenation. In patients, 2 samples were taken - before and after the study.

It turned out that laser exposure causesthe formation of double-stranded RNA molecules (the ones that allow mice to “grow” the skin) and increases the production of retinoic acid. Moreover, when the cell cultures were separately treated with a solution with double-stranded RNA molecules, the production of retinoic acid increased more than 10 times, and the cells began to resemble the young.

“In the future, this is important becausethat retinoic acid is already a means to rejuvenate the skin. But that's not all. Thanks to the discovery of regeneration mechanisms, we can create drugs that will help in healing deep wounds and recovering from burns. ”

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