Scientists: the work of the immune system is directly dependent on the mathematical theory of chaos

Much is known about the human body, butthe work of the immune system is still under a veil of secrets. It would seem that it works as a well-coordinated mechanism, but no - the scientists found out that chaos dynamics plays an important role in its processes. Previously, it was used to explain changes in the weather, and now it can help create drugs for such dangerous diseases as diabetes and cancer. It seems that the secret of the work of immunity begins to unfold.

An unexpected discovery was made by researchersfrom the Niels Bohr Institute. They studied the NF-κB protein, which is actively involved in setting up the immune response to emerging threats, such as all sorts of viruses. It was already known that this protein is constantly changing its concentration, which significantly affects the genes and the state of the body's cells. It turned out that the main helper of the protein in setting up immunity are chaotic fluctuations, which are explained by the mathematical term “chaotic dynamics”.

Scientists were surprised by the discovery, as previouslyit was believed that chaotic dynamics is impossible in living organisms. The study was the first step to healing diseases by changing the fluctuations in protein concentration. It is known that cancer is associated with impaired signal transduction into cells - this means that with new knowledge, scientists will be able to adjust the dynamics of cell work.

The results can have a huge impact on ourunderstanding how the immune system functions, and how to avoid some of the most serious diseases, including diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's disease, said Mogens Hogh Jensen, co-author of the study.

In addition to the development of new drugs, a new discovery may help to identify the risk of disease in advance. To do this, it will be necessary to withdraw the cells and examine their condition.

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