Scientists suppressed the production of cancer enzyme "immortality"

Cancer treatment may goto a qualitatively new level thanks to the opening of a team of scientists from Northwestern and Chicago universities who have achieved the neutralization of the biological mechanism that provides “immortality” to cancer cells.

Scientists have developed a molecular toolallowing to restrain the mechanism of infinite growth by division of cancer cells, which is provided by the telomerase enzyme, which allows cancer cells to exist indefinitely.

In the course of the study, over200 biochemical compounds and as a result, a substance was identified that received the classification of NU-1 with the functions of suppressing telomerase activity. Another useful feature of NU-1 was the ability to integrate drugs into it that would provide antitumor therapy.

The development of NU-1 will make it possible to significantly advance on the way to further increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment and study the mechanisms of cell aging.

Source: acs