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Scientists suggest switching to bean bread - what is its use?

It is difficult to imagine your diet without bread andbakery products. Recently, however, nutrition experts are increasingly talking about the dangers of this product. This is especially true of white bread, which many love so much. It is devoid of many valuable trace elements, vitamins, antioxidants and other useful substances, but contains carbohydrates, starch and sugar. Gray bread is considered less harmful, but it can also harm the body, especially in the presence of certain chronic diseases. At the same time, the consumption of bread is a long-established eating habit, and even a tradition that hardly anyone wants to give up. Therefore, some scientists propose to simply change the composition of bread - instead of wheat flour, use bean flour.

Scientists recommend baking bread from beans, as it is healthier than wheat

What are the benefits of bean bread

According to official data, in the UK 96%people consume bread, and the vast majority of them prefer white bread. Obviously, the situation is similar in other countries. For example, in Russia, bread consumption per capita is 57 kg per year. This is a very large number. For example, according to Spanish scientists, just three slices of white bread a day double the risk of obesity. In addition, such consumption of bread can cause a number of other health problems.

Therefore, scientists and the University of Reading believethat switching to fava bean flour could be one of the most rewarding changes to British cuisine in a generation. According to Professor Julie Lovegrove, who led the study, bean flour will not only improve the nutritional quality of bread, but also reduce environmental impact.

“We had to think outside the box: what do most people eat and how can we improve their nutrition without changing the diet? The obvious answer is bread,” says Julie Lovegrove.

Scientists have conducted several experiments thatshowed that bean flour can replace low-nutrient wheat flour, such as that used to make white bread, as well as soy flour, which is also often used in making bread.

Fava bean bread contains more vitamins and minerals

It should be noted that this project wasfunded by the British government to encourage people to consume more beans. Currently, they are mainly used as animal feed. It was allocated 2 million pounds, as reported by The Guardian.

What are fava beans

Fava bean, aka garden bean, aka beancommon, also known as Russian bean, or horse bean, is a leguminous annual crop. This plant is native to the Mediterranean. It was grown in Palestine as early as a thousand years BC. In ancient Egypt, beans were generally considered a sacred plant. But Pythagoras was negative about beans, as we talked about earlier.

Fava beans are high in fiber and protein

Fava beans are a superfood from the east, and for good reason.They are high in protein and rich in iron and fiber. We talked about the benefits of fiber for our body in detail earlier. Also, beans have many other beneficial nutrients such as protein, potassium, sodium, calcium, carotene, mineral salts, etc.

But on fava beans, British scientistsare not going to stop. They plan to do some more research to help make the beans more resilient to the local climate. In addition, scientists want to further increase its nutritional value. In their opinion, breeding new, even more useful, and most importantly, more productive varieties, will encourage farmers to grow beans instead of wheat.

Beans should be included in your diet if there are no contraindications

Students will be taught to eat legumes

Experiment on the introduction of legumesBritish scientists will start with students. Bread and other bean-based products will be supplied to the university canteen, as well as catering outlets. In doing so, students will have to evaluate the quality of these products. To do this, they will be asked how full they are, how long the feeling of satiety lasts, which bean-based products they liked more than others, etc.

The researchers plan to supply the canteenbean bread, tortillas, hummus (a Middle Eastern dish that is a mashed sauce) and some other products. Scientists hope that the use of beans will increase the feeling of satiety. At the same time, the products themselves will have a pleasant taste, so students, according to the researchers, will eat them with pleasure.

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It is difficult to say whether scientists will be able to replace the entirewheat bread in Britain on bean. But from the foregoing, it follows that beans are a valuable product that should be periodically included in your diet. And finally, let's recall another useful product - this is avocado. Earlier, we told in detail why it should be included in your diet at least periodically.