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Scientists reveal what aliens from other planets might look like

How do you imagine the appearance of aliens?Most likely, in the imagination of most people, they look something like the title picture of this article: they are little men with green skin, a huge head and big black eyes. There is nothing surprising in the fact that people represent aliens from other planets in this way - this is how they are shown to us in science fiction films. Recently, the authors of the Daily Mail decided to ask a number of scientists how aliens living in the solar system and beyond can actually look like. The opinions of experts are divided: some believe that they may well be similar to people, while others described creatures whose existence seems impossible to ordinary people.

Scientists believe that aliens are unlikely to be little green men

What can aliens be

Hearing the question of what might look likealiens, scientists began to describe a wide variety of creatures. Among the variety of features, there was a mention of a large brain, giant wings, flattened or vice versa elongated bodies. Some scientists have announced that aliens may look like huge jellyfish or be like humans.

If you search for images of aliens on the Internet, almost all the paintings feature little green men.

According to scientists, the appearance of aliensenvironmental conditions will greatly influence. This should be understood as the size of the inhabited planet, the distance from the light source and the presence of certain chemical elements. Also, the existence of competition for food and the need to hide from predators or resist them will play a significant role in shaping appearance.

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What do aliens look like in the solar system?

What can be aliens who livein the solar system? According to scientists, extraterrestrial life could exist on Mars, Jupiter's moon Europa, or on one of Saturn's two moons: Enceladus or Titan. But there is no particular hope that large animals and, moreover, humanoid creatures live there. According to Professor David Rothery, the organisms potentially existing there are hardly visible to the naked eye. It may well be that alien life may be a raid on rocks or the ocean floor. Maybe the colonies of alien microbes are discolored patches of the ice surface.

Here's what aliens might be like, according to scientists

Many agree with David Rothery's suggestion.his colleagues and even specialists from NASA. For example, Professor Andrew Coates is inclined to believe that any life forms in our solar system will be "simple single-celled." However, no one dares to speak about this with great certainty - there is no evidence for this. Perhaps the answer to the question of what aliens look like in the solar system will be found during the work of the Rosalind Franklin rover, which is scheduled to launch in 2028. Also, do not forget that right now the Perseverance rover is collecting Martian soil for sending to Earth and studying in the laboratory.

Mars rover Rosalind Franklin

Is there life on exoplanets

What about aliens who canexist outside the solar system? Astronomer Michael Garrett believes that in the future, humanity may make a "shocking discovery." In his opinion, creatures living on large exoplanets with powerful gravity will clearly be mundane and muscular - gravity will press hard on them, and developed muscles will be needed to move. On the contrary, aliens living on small planets with weak gravity will obviously be tall and thin.

Aliens from planets with weak gravity can be long and thin

In conditions of low atmospheric density, animalscould acquire huge wings for long-distance flights. If the planet is large, living creatures will obviously have huge eyes that allow them to see further than people - this feature is vital for survival.

Professor Michael Garrett is one of those whoexcludes the existence of human-like creatures on other planets. If so, they clearly have large brains, familiar limbs, and flexible fingers. If predators live on a distant planet, all the main senses, such as the eyes and nose, are precisely located on the head - this arrangement is very important in order to notice enemies from afar.

Some scientists believe that aliens look like giant jellyfish

Finally, the author of a non-fiction bookThe Zoologist's Guide to the Galaxy, Arik Kershenbaum, suggested that due to natural selection, alien creatures with symmetrical bodies, wings, legs or fins could appear on distant planets. A similar opinion was previously shared by cosmologist Maggie Aderin-Pocock - she suggested that Saturn's moon Titan could be inhabited by giant jellyfish-like creatures that use the surface of the body to absorb light and absorb nutrients with the help of a huge mouth.

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