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Scientists may have discovered a new state of matter

Possibility of using electric chargerepresents the result of a thousand-year study of nature by man. About what exactly are lightnings, a person began to think almost from the moment of the beginning of his existence, but the true nature of electricity was comprehended by him only in the XVIII century. Perhaps this moment for civilization has become a truly turning point: gradually developing and improving his knowledge of the electric charge, a man found him to use literally in all areas of his life. So, today we all use electric lighting, we use smartphones, computers and even electric cars to meet everyday needs. Be that as it may, according to an article published on, physicists from Northeastern University have discovered a new way to manipulate electric charge. According to the authors of the new theory, the consequences of their discovery can carry enormous consequences for all of humanity.

Scientists' new discovery could revolutionize our knowledge of electric charge

New condition detected

The ability of a person to move, use andstoring electrons is the key to the vast majority of modern technology, regardless of whether we are trying to collect solar energy or whether we want to play the console. The new property of electricity, first described in one of the articles of the journal Nanoscale, can change our idea of ​​science: forcing electrons to be evenly distributed into a stationary crystalline structure, we can obtain a state of matter that is still unfamiliar to physics.

Swastik Kar, Associate Professor of Physics from the Northeastof the university, I am sure that his discovery can change the usual methods of detecting and transmitting signals, as well as modernize modern methods of storing information, providing mankind with opportunities that it could not even imagine.

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Observation of an unusual phenomenon arose in thatthe moment when the researchers conducted a series of necessary experiments with crystalline materials with a thickness of several atoms, which are known to science as two-dimensional materials. These materials consist of a repeating pattern of atoms and are so thin that the electrons in them can only move in two dimensions. Interacting with each other at the quantum level, bismuth selenide and transition metal dichalcogenide acted as “experimental” materials superimposed on top of each other like sheets of paper. Forming a motionless pattern, electrons from the obtained layers created an ideal array of a substance unknown to science.

Physicists accidentally discovered a new state of matter with limitless possibilities.

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When the resulting pattern showed the third layer,which could not come from either of the other two, the researchers attributed the observed phenomenon to an error that could have occurred during the experiment. However, further attempts led scientists to similar results: uniting in a certain structure, the electrons formed a kind of “puddle” - a new state of matter, the only source of which could be the presence of some potential hole, spontaneously created by a combination of quantum-mechanical and physical factors.

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Creating a completely new pattern, electrons changethe direction of its movement, while not going beyond the electronic "puddle". Although understanding of this phenomenon is still in its infancy, it can have a huge impact on the future of electronics, sensing and information processing systems, and due to the fact that unique processes can occur even at room temperature, the use of new technology can have a significant impact on our daily life, having an impact on the speed of satellites, communications and all the equipment we need.