Scientists: maternal care improves baby brain development

A new study found that maternal careafter a child increases his mental abilities. Scientists have found that the presence of a mother has a positive effect on neurons in the brain of a child.

Researchers are hoping to develop diagnostic tools and treatments for people with impaired brain function or underdevelopment in early childhood, the Daily Mail writes.

Research Results Published in the JournalCurrent Biology, demonstrate how strongly the natural behavior of attachment affects the key stages of brain development in the postnatal period.

Our study shows how maternalsensory stimulation in mammals contributes to the formation of the infant's brain. With its help, you can determine the role of education in the healthy development of the brain and better understand what it means to be a good mother. The study also helps explain the differences in the way mothers raise their children, ”says Professor Regina Sullivan of New York University.

Scientists analyzed about 100 hoursobservations of mother rats and their newborn cubs. Brain scans have shown that in rats that receive good care, new nerve cells grow faster and their sociability improves. When mothers were not around, the brain of babies showed more random activity.

A previous study by Professor Sullivan showed a link between maternal care and gene activity in the brains of young animals.