Scientists have restored the identity of the person killed 1400 years ago. Guess who he was?

Scotland has a very rich history and archaeologiststhey find very interesting fossils on the territory of this country. For example, most recently, at the bottom of the bays called Lokh Vorgastel and Lokhvat, they discovered the remains of the most ancient artificial islands used to protect them from robbers. However, this is not the most interesting find - in 2016 in one of the Scottish caves the body of a man was found who was brutally killed 1400 years ago. Scientists have studied his skeleton so well that they were able to draw his portrait and talk about who he was.

The remains of a murdered man were found in one oftwenty caves on the northeast coast of Scotland, which are known as the caves of Rosemark. For the first time, archaeologists began to study these places at the beginning of the 20th century, and already in those early years they found needles, sewed and other tools made of bones. It is believed that people began to live in these caves in the II century AD.

Caves of Scotland

However, not all caves were used for housing. The place where the skeleton of the brutally murdered person was found was clearly a room for smelting iron, because traces of melting furnaces were found not far from the human remains. The man himself was lying in a dark corner of the cave with his legs crossed and his hands crushed by stones. According to the calculations of scientists, the murder occurred somewhere between 430 and 630 AD.

Picts - the most ancient people of Scotland

In these times, the Picts lived in Scotland.- the oldest of the peoples who ever inhabited the territory of this country. It is known that they lived in small communities and engaged in farming, fishing and cattle breeding. In the 10th century, they began to mingle with the other Scottish people of those times, with geels, and eventually forgot their language and completely joined their neighbors. If you want to learn more about the Picts, we recommend watching the film “Centurion” of 2010 - it tells about the Roman army, which went north to destroy this people and kill the leader.

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Mystery murder

But let's go back to the skeleton of a man whowas brutally murdered in a cave. Scientists believe that this representative of the Picts was dragged into a cave and wounded by several blows to the head. Several teeth were knocked out, a jaw was broken and a hard stone was struck on the back of the head. Perhaps, after such injuries, the man has already died, but the attackers finally broke his head. Despite the ruthless method of killing, the attackers buried their victim while observing some ritual - the corpse was put on its back and, as mentioned above, its legs were crossed and stones were put on its hands.

The body was buried in the corner of the cave.

The reason for the murder is not yet clear. But scientists have figured out what the dead man looked like and who he was. The portrait of this large man of 30 years of age was painted in 2016. The condition of his teeth indicated that a man was eating protein foods - only rich people could afford such food at that time. Also on the skeleton of a man there were no traces of injuries received during his life. It turns out that he was well fed, practically did not participate in battles and did not perform hard work - that is, he was a king or leader.

Perhaps by studying the ancient Scottish writings,scientists can even name this person. If you are lucky, science will also become aware of the motives for this murder. It remains to hope that this man was important enough to be told about him.

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