Scientists have grown the world's first hybrid monkey and human embryo

Recently, more and more interesting andMuch controversial experiments are being conducted in China. We have already told you about how a Chinese scientist, using the CRISPR genome editor, edited the genes of children before they were born. Some time ago, the odious surgeon Sergio Kanavero planned to have a head transplant in China, but this did not happen. But not so long ago something else happened: an international team of scientists for the first time in history raised a viable monkey and human embryo.

Who created the monkey and man hybrid?

According to the publication Daily, the research group included scientists from the Salk Institute (USA) and the Catholic University of Murcia (Spain). He led a team of experts biologist Juan Carlos Izpisua. But why was China chosen for this purpose? Everything is quite simple: in China, much less stringent legislation regarding genetic experiments and, according to scientists, conducting an experiment in China significantly accelerated the beginning of the experience itself, and also allowed "to avoid additional legal issues."

Head of Research Group Juan Carlos Ispisois

How to create a hybrid human and monkey embryo

Researchers formed a hybrid embryoby genetic modification of monkey embryos. First, they deactivate the genes that are necessary for the formation of organs, and then they injected into the embryo human stem cells that are able to form tissues. In other words, the embryo was formed by mixing the monkey genome and human stem cells. Thus, after the introduction of stem cells, it would be possible to grow human tissues, organs and organ systems.

This is interesting: In Japan, allowed to create hybrids of humans and animals.

It is worth noting that the embryo was destroyed on the 14thThe day of pregnancy could not develop into a full-fledged organism, but the development proceeded quite normally and without any deviations. The end of the second week of pregnancy was not chosen by chance. This period of time, scientists called the "Red Line". That is, the embryo has not yet begun to develop the central nervous system. Namely, this is often a counter-argument in the creation of hybrids of animals and humans, because the formation of the central nervous system from human stem cells in theory can provoke the emergence of a developed consciousness.

Previously, scientists have experimented with creatinginterspecific hybrids. They managed to create a hybrid of a mouse and a rat, as well as a pig embryo with human stem cells. Although the second experiment ended in failure. In addition to the fact that the embryo was also destroyed during the “Red Line” period, human cells almost did not survive.

We are trying not only to move forward andcontinue experiments with human cells, rodents and pigs, but also with primates. - said Professor Izpisua. Our study is a big step towards the use of animals for human organ transplants. In the future, thanks to this, we want to grow the heart, eyes and pancreas for transplantation.

But in order for this to happen, you need to solvea lot of ethical issues. Some scientists are inclined to believe that such embryos will gain consciousness. Others believe that this will not happen. What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments and in our chat in Telegrams.