Scientists have found the most distant dwarf planet in the solar system

Last year scientist scott sheppard from the instituteCarnegie and his colleagues discovered the most distant celestial body of the solar system. Then the object was called FarOut. But this group of researchers decided not to stop, and this year the works were rewarded: the astronomers updated the record and opened a new object, which is even further by 20 astronomical units. What was it called?

Apparently, the scientists decided not to rack their brains and calledits past object type is FarFarOut. According to the journal Science, referring to Sheppard, a new object was discovered using the same data from telescopes that were configured to search for the ninth planet. Apparently, the object is at a distance of 140 astronomical units from the Sun (up to the same Pluto, the distance is 4 times less).

So far, the existence of a new object is notconfirmed, he will have a "speaking" name. However, the scientist and earlier finds distant objects of the Solar system - for example, object 2015 TG387, which at the time of discovery was at a record distance of about 80 astronomical units. The first shots of the 2018 VG18, a FarOut object, were taken on November 10, 2018 using the eight-meter Subaru telescope in Hawaii.

Sheppard Group specializes in searchobjects remote from the center of the solar system. Now the scientist plans to defend his discovery, and then continue the search for new celestial bodies. True, to determine the parameters of the orbit of a distant object may take several years.

The result of research astronomers onlyconfirms the hypothesis of the existence of Planet X. Astronomers Michael Brown and Konstantin Batygin predicted its first presence in the Solar System, who took as a basis the orbital parameters of seven objects - 2004 VN112, 2013 RF98F and others.

In 2018, it was astronomers from the Carnegie Instituteannounced the discovery of 12 new satellites of the gas giant Jupiter. The discovery of new satellites increases their total number in Jupiter to 79, which is more than any other planet in our solar system.

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