Scientists have found that flies lose their memory in the dark

Scientists from the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute were able to identify the unique property of the brain of Drosophila flies, leading to the loss of long-term memory of the traumatic event after being in absolute darkness.

Complete loss of memories of a traumatic eventcan be used to create new methods for the treatment of diseases of the human brain, using the "erasure" of memories that cause discomfort.

As a result of the experiment with Drosophila wasThe effect of lighting on long-term memory occurring at the molecular level is revealed. Scientists were able to decipher this process and understand the mechanism of molecular “erasure” of memories.

During the experiment, male Drosophila were used, andas a traumatic event, a meeting of males with already fertilized flies was modeled. In the natural environment, after such a meeting, males lose their mating instinct and completely lose interest in caring for females. This experience is fixed in long-term memory.

The tested males were placed for two days ina dark room and after that they returned the urge to mate, and the memories of a meeting with a fertilized fly were erased. In parallel, males living in a natural environment continued to avoid females.

Source: Aninews