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Scientists have found out the reason for the death of the Egyptian pharaoh. She was cruel

In 1881, on the west bank of the Nile River, there wasfound the mummy of the Egyptian pharaoh Sekenenr Taa II. He played a very important role in the history of Egypt, starting a struggle against the conquerors of the lands that once belonged to his people. In the course of studying the mummy, scientists found that the pharaoh died at about 40 years of age from blows to the head. One of the theories was that he was killed while sleeping by his own people. However, scientists recently studied his body using modern equipment and found out the exact cause of his death. She turned out to be very tragic and cruel. Within the framework of this article, I propose to find out what happened to the great pharaoh in the last minutes of his life. The story is such that it can be used to make an exciting historical film.

Skull of Pharaoh Sekenenra Taa II

Hyksos in Egypt

In the 18th century BC, Egypt was incrushed state. Part of it was captured by the people of Asian origin - the Hyksos. They founded the capital in the city of Avaris and demanded tribute from the conquered Egyptians. Over time, the inhabitants of Egypt learned to make the same chariots and bows as those of the more advanced Hyksos. Military conflicts began, the leader of which was the Pharaoh Sekenenra Taa II, who ruled from 1569 to 1554 BC. Judging by his remains, during one of the battles he was captured and killed.

The lid of the coffin of Pharaoh Sekenenr Taa II

This is evidenced by the results of the study,carried out in the 1960s. X-rays of the mummy showed that there were at least 5 trauma marks on his head. No damage was found in other parts of the body. Based on this, scientists have suggested that the pharaoh was killed by his own people while sleeping. Only there were no reasons for committing such a murder. For a long time, the cause of the death of the pharaoh remained unknown, but recently the secret was revealed. The last moments of the life of Sekenenr Taa II were terrible.

Interesting fact: Pharaoh Sekenenra Taa II is the main character of the novel by Nagib Mahfuz "The War in Thebes". It tells about the liberation of Egypt from the Hyksos.

Pharaoh's cause of death

Recently, Egyptian scientists conducted the mummy through a tomograph, which allows you to look inside objects without performing an autopsy. The study revealed several interesting facts about the pharaoh:

  • he died at the age of about 40;
  • during the mummification, his brain was not extracted and eventually shifted to the left side of the skull;
  • at the time of death, he could not resist because his hands were tied behind his back;
  • There were several blows to the head and they were inflicted with different weapons.

Based on these data, scientists were able toto recreate the last minutes of the life of the pharaoh. The version of death in a dream was rejected because the ruler was bound. Most likely, during one of the battles he was taken prisoner. Several people participated in his murder, who struck from different directions. The fracture of the frontal bone was caused by a blow with an ax or sword. Another blow hit the browbone and was delivered with an ax. There are also traces of blows under the left ear, jaw and nose. In general, the death of Sekenenr Taa II was terrible and several people with different weapons participated in the murder.

Tomography of the head of Pharaoh Sekenenr Taa II. It shows that the brain is displaced to one side of the skull.

Pharaoh's body was very poorly preserved, based onwhich the researchers concluded that some time had elapsed between his death and embalming. Immediately after death, he lay on his left side, as evidenced by the brain displaced to the left side of the skull. Since the death of the pharaoh took place outside of his home, he was dragged into the city before embalming. The embalming itself took place very carefully, but why his people did not remove the brain is unknown.

The history of Ancient Egypt is full of mysteries.For example, scientists for a long time could not explain how people built huge pyramids. You can read more about how they were built in this article. No, the aliens did not help them in this.

According to historians, the death of Pharaoh Sekenenr TaaII could induce the Egyptians to an even more intense struggle against the invaders. The fact is that none other than his son, Ahmose I, was able to defeat the Hyksos. It was he who defeated the enemy city of Avaris, the Hyksos fortresses. After the victory, he became the first pharaoh of the New Kingdom. This is the name of the period of the greatest military power of Ancient Egypt.

The painting shows the attack of Ahmose on the Hyksos

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Archaeologists quite often find Egyptian mummies.Some science fiction films show how, in the course of such discoveries, researchers disturb spirits and become cursed. Scientists who in 1922 entered the tomb of King Tutankhamun really began to die one after another. So what is it, the curses of the pharaohs really exist? The answer to this question is in this material. Enjoy reading!

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